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Francis Worldwide: Health Studies, B.S. (degree completion)

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    The Bachelor of Science in Health Studies is an online degree completion program designed to provide an accelerated degree pathway for students interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree in health and science. Through this program, students will have the opportunity to maximize their prior college-level course work or associate's degree in science or health care or a related field and transfer any military credits in the pursuit of a bachelor's degree. This program incorporates a solid health and science core with a general education curriculum reflecting the goals of Franciscan Higher Education. Completion of this program will prepare students to pursue a graduate professional healthcare degree, enter the workforce, or advance in their career.

    Note: students intending to pursue a graduate degree, should check into the program's requirements and any prerequisites so appropriate electives can be taken.

    Health Studies Program Graduates have pursued careers in:

    • Clinical Occupations
    • Social and Human Services
    • Wellness
    • Education
    • Health Promotion and Management
    • Pharmaceutical/ Medical Sales

    And More!

    Some of the Companies that hire our Graduates include:

    • Agencies (local, state, federal)
    • Non-governmental Organizations
    • Community Health Clinics/ Centers
    • Social Service Agencies
    • Wellness Centers
    • Health Charities/Foundations
    • Research Institutes/Labs 
    • Group Homes 
    • Correctional Facilities and Many More!! 

    Free Electives (34 credits)

  • Health Studies Core (52 Credits)

    BIOL 111 - Introduction to Biology: Molecules, Cells, and Animal Physiology 
    BIOL 205 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I 
    BIOL 206 - Human Anatomy and Physiology II 
    BIOL 214 - Clinical Microbiology 
    CHEM 113 - Human Chemistry I 
    CHEM 114 - Human Chemistry II 
    CPSC 101 - Introduction to Computer Systems 
    PSYC 209 - Developmental Psychology 
    PA 200 - Medical Terminology 
    PHIL 312 - Health Care Ethics 
    STAT 205 - Essentials of Statistics 
    15 credits of Restricted Electives *

    * Restricted electives allow an open program of related electives or a minor in psychology or healthcare management. The following constitute restricted electives: PSYC 205, PSYC 206, approved PSYC elective, MGMT 210, MGMT 311, MGMT 313, MGMT 314, MGMT 315, MGMT 409, MGMT 410, or other courses as approved by the program director. 


    Liberal Studies Component (42 Credits)

    ENGL 103 - Writing for a Discipline 
    ENGL 104 - Introduction to Literature 
    FNAR elective (3 credits)  
    HIST elective (3 credits)  
    LANG 102 or higher (3 credits)  
    MATH 107 or higher 
    PHIL 205 - Discovering Philosophy 
    PSYC 101  Introduction to Psychology
    RLST 205 - Faith and Franciscanism 
    RLST elective (300+ level)  
    6 credits General Education electives 
    SOC SCI electives (select two from Econ 101, PLSC 102, PLSC 103, SOC 101, SOC 102 or SOC 202

    Free Electives (34 Credits)

    34 Free Electives - Students may transfer credits from other post-secondary schools or military into this area. As well, students may opt to add a minor and use this area to fulfill minor requirements.

    Course Catalog Major Requirements
  • Total Degree Credits - 128

    Assessment Outcomes