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Francis Worldwide: Health Science, BHS concentration in Medical Laboratory Science (degree completion)

Medical laboratory science professionals, according to the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science, are vital healthcare detectives, uncovering information from laboratory analyses that assist physicians in patient diagnosis and treatment, as well as in disease monitoring or prevention.

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    Combine science and tech in fulfilling healthcare career

    Medical Lab With the right preparation, your love of chemistry, biology, technology and attention to detail can make you a powerful part of a compassionate medical team. 

    The Bachelor of Health Science Degree with a concentration in Medical Laboratory Science (MLS)  designed for returning adult students allows you to :

    • explore a variety of  career options in the healthcare field and lab environment
    • prepare to take the Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) exam required to work in the field
    •  work towards certification in order to advance 
    • apply prior college coursework toward your degree with a generous credit transfer policy
    • gain flexible scheduling with some online courses and in-class courses at our four locations

    • Overview
    • Curriculum
    • Career Outcomes

    The Bachelor of Health Science degree with a concentration in Medical Laboratory Science is a degree completion program designed to provide professional development and career options for Medical Laboratory Technicians. The program requires that students already possess an associate’s degree in medical technician and have lab experience. The Medical Laboratory Science curriculum includes a health science core and a liberal studies core embodying the University’s educational goals of providing knowledge, skills, and values to all students. The majority of classes are offered online except for the key science courses that are offered in class on campus.

    Learning Outcomes


    Major Requirements

    Bachelor of Health Science Degree with a concentration in Medical Laboratory Science
    128 total credits with transferred in for degree completion

    Course Catalog Major Requirements

    Medical Laboratory Science Core (45 Credits)

    • BIOL 111 - Introduction to Biology: Molecules, Cells, and Animal Physiology
    • BIOL 205 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I
    • BIOL 206 - Human Anatomy and Physiology II
    • BIOL 214 - Clinical Microbiology
    • CHEM 101 - Chemical Principles I
    • CHEM 102 - Chemical Principles II
    • CHEM 103 - Human Chemistry I
    • CHEM 201 - Organic Chemistry I
    • PA 200 - Medical Terminology
    • MGMT 101 - Principles of Management
    • MGMT 201 - Human Resource Management
    • MIS 102 - Management Information Systems
    • STAT 101 - Elementary Statistics or
    • STAT 301 - Quantitative Business Analysis I

    *Restricted Electives (9 credits) from the following courses:

    • BIOL 104 - Human Heredity
    • BIOL 305 - Immunology
    • EXPH 205 - Common Sports Injuries
    • EXPH 250 - Functional Anatomy
    • HIST 495 - Selected Topics in History
    • NEUR 279 - Introduction to Neuroscience
    • NURS 311 - Human Nutrition
    • PA 404 - Public Health (B.S., MPAS)
    • PHYS 104 - An Introduction to Physics I
    • PSYC 305 - Memory and Cognition
    • PSYC 314 - Biopsychology
    • RLST 330 - Death, Dying, and the Near-Death Experience
    • SOC 312 - Medical Sociology
    • SPAN 203 - Conversational Medical Spanish

    *Or other related courses with permission of the program director.


    Liberal Studies Component ( 42 Credits )

    • CPSC 101 - Introduction to Computer Systems
    • ECON 101 - Principles of Economics I
    • ENGL 103 - Writing for a Discipline
    • ENGL 104 - Introduction to Literature
    • PHIL 312 - Health Care Ethics
    • RLST 205 - Faith and Franciscanism
    • PLSC 102 - American National Government
    • PSYC 101 - Introduction to Psychology
    • SPCH 103 - Speech Fundamentals and Public Speaking
    • SOC 101 - General Sociology or
    • SOC 102 - American Society and its Problems or
    • SOC 202 - Introduction to Women in Society
    • FNAR (elective)
    • HIST (elective)
    • LANG (102 level or higher)
    • MATH (107 or higher)

    Free Electives (32 Credits)

    32 Free Electives - Students often use this area to transfer in credits from other post-secondary schools or military. As well, students may opt to use this area to complete minor requirements, if seeking a minor in a particular field of study.

    Career Outcomes

    Career Outcomes

    While most of our MLS graduates successfully move on into a medical lab scientist position,
    some obtain supervisory or management positions within a lab or healthcare facility. Companies employing our graduates include Somerset Hospital, Nason Conemaugh, Altoona Regional Medical Center, UPMC, and more!