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Face Covering Guidance

SFU's Face Covering Policy: In accordance with the Pennsylvania Department of Health Regulations - all faculty, staff, administration, students, visitors and vendors to Saint Francis University are required to wear face coverings while on campus. The only exemptions are children under the age of two or those with a health condition that prevents you from wearing a mask and documented by a physician, however, you may be asked to wear a face shield.   If you have symptoms, were not cleared at the temperature and wellness check, or been advised that you potentially could have been exposed you may not be on campus until you are cleared. There may be situations where you are permitted to be on campus and be required to wear a face-covering AT ALL TIMES.  

  • Where face coverings must be worn:  

    • any time you are in close proximity of (less than 6 feet) other employees or students

    • inside all buildings including common areas, hallways, bathrooms, copier zones, stairwells, etc.

    • any space outside where you are closer than 6 feet from other people

    Where they can be temporarily removed:

    • outside with more than 6 feet of distance between individuals

    • rooms where you are alone

    • rooms or areas in which you are physically distanced with permission of the host and all parties attending

    • seated to eat or drink if you are socially distanced (masks need to be worn moving to and from tables)

    Letting people know that masks should be worn:

    If you want to indicate to everyone that your space or a particular area will always require a mask, you can request the masked Frankie sticker (email Zachary Burke When members of the community see this sign on your door, they will know that you are requesting they wear a mask, without having to share any personal medical information.

    What qualifies as a face covering:

    A face covering can be a mask made from various cloth materials that cover your mouth and nose, or it can be a face shield.  High-risk members of the community and medical professionals should wear the best quality of masks they have access to.  While many of you have brought your own, we do have some on campus to distribute if needed.  Your supervisor may request them for your area by calling 3293. Both surgical style face masks and face shields are available.  

    CDC Guidelines for care of your mask and proper wearing of a mask