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Allie Cummings: A Toy Story

February 19, 2018

Allie Cummings OT Toy LibraryIt isn’t a secret that children like to play with toys. You probably had a favorite toy when you were young. It also isn’t a secret that the Saint Francis University’s Toy Lending Library, located in the DiSepio Institute, has been lending toys to local families for years. Since 2009, the program has allowed children the opportunity, for FREE, to engage in play for growth and development. Who organizes the Library and plans the events? Toy Library Ambassadors, that’s who! Toy Ambassador and Occupational Therapy Sophomore, Allie Cummings, tells us about her experience in toy land.

What is the Toy Lending Library and how does it work?
The Play Works Toy Lending Library serves the community by lending toys free of charge to families. Like a traditional library but with toys; all children from birth to age eight can check out toys for free, take them home for up to a month, then bring them back and pick a new toy.  All the toys are donated to us, so we have plenty of toys to lend. We also have game nights where families can come and play all types of board games together.

What is your role at the Toy Lending Library and how did you get involved?
As a freshman, I learned about the Toy Library and got very excited about it. I started volunteering with a few friends and that’s when I realized we weren’t just helping kids play with toys, we were having a hand in the development of a child. I went to Professor and Founder of the Toy Library, Dr. Lorie Rowles, and asked her how I could do more to help. I am now one of the Toy Library Ambassadors here on campus. I help manage and market the library.

Family Game NightsAre there any skills that you learned at the Toy Library that will help you as an Occupational Therapist?
I learned so many skills at the Toy Library. Being an Ambassador has taught me management techniques and organizational skills. I have also learned a lot about how children play and why certain toys are best for different ages. That knowledge help me gauge a child’s growth and development when I enter the workforce.

Lastly, when you were young, what was YOUR favorite toy to play with?
My favorite toys growing up were Barbies. I had the big house that I would constantly redecorate. My mom would take me to the store to get paint swatches to use as rugs. They would also go on vacation to my room or outside onto the deck.


Toy Lending Library
Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30 - 7:30pm   

Game Nights
Wednesdays 5:30 - 7:30 pm
Feb. 14th and 28th
March 14th
April 4th and 18th

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