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Fine Arts Program Options

  • Why Study Fine Arts

    The Fine Arts department offers a minor as well as a full range of diverse courses, events and activities for all students. It performs a critical role in general education. Philosophically, the faculty seeks to reinforce the importance of the fine arts in forming self-definition, in developing alternative methods of communication and awareness, in undertaking unique personal challenges, and in balancing academic experience to include “hands-on” and “live” interactions. The department recognizes the importance of introducing and developing the artistic spirit in all students and of incorporating it not as a luxury but as part of the design of their lives.

    Program Options

    Fine Arts Minor

    Fine Arts at SFU?

    Life without art is possible, but limited. Our purpose is to help students develop an understanding of and an appreciation for aesthetic values that make life a richer experience. In addition to opening your eyes to the world around you, we can help you meet the requirements for a minor with courses in the visual arts, music or drama. If you leave Saint Francis University without a better understanding of who you are,then we have not done our job. Fine Arts At Saint Francis University curriculums are designed to challenge what you believe to be true about yourself and to expand these beliefs in a way that will help you to reach your fullest potential as a citizen of the world.

    Career Possibilities

    A minor in fine arts can lead to varied career options, including graduate study in art management, art therapy, music education and professional theatre. Students may combine their baccalaureate studies, a fine arts minor and extensive co-curricular involvement to position them for careers focused on their devotion to the arts.