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Graduate Education

The Graduate Education Department strives to provide high quality programs for advancing professional degrees and opportunities for professional development. Students looking to pursue a Master of Education Degree will find a combination of face to face, online, and hybrid course offerings with a flexible schedule to accommodate professional educators in public and private sectors.

  • Why Saint Francis University Graduate Education?

    1. Degrees and Specializations: Our Graduate Education programs are designed to allow candidates to choose a specialization area within a master's degree program or simply complete course work for the specialization only. Our programs help students advance to the next level of mastery within their profession and to prepare non-teaching professions to enter the field of education.  

    2. Online and hybrid courses:  Students have the option to complete most programs online. There are a number of online programs and also the option to take courses in the traditional or hybrid format. We strongly believe that our small-group learning environment and one-on-one attention are beneficial for students at the graduate level. All of our courses are rigorous, relevant and contribute toward creating a comfortable, dynamic atmosphere where students and professors can engage in collaboration and dialogue of ideas.

    3. Faculty engagement. We take great pride in giving students the individual attention needed to make this a successful and meaningful journey. Our faculty promote student development through active participation and making connections between theory and research-based practice.

    4. Specialized programs. In addition to the master's degree with optional specializations, we offer administrative certifications, specialized endorsement programs, and a variety of subject-specific post-baccalaureate programs.