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Literature and Languages

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  • "Familiarize the strange and mystify the familiar"—Toni Morrison

    The study of literature draws connections between the global and the everyday. Literature bears us into awareness and allows us to live thousands of experiences simultaneously.

    • Our mission is to educate each student to become a productive worker, a responsible citizen, and a cultured member of society.
    • The department's major programs aim to provide life enrichment through a liberal arts curriculum, and life skills through professional experiences to all its students.
    • The curricular objectives are consistent with those of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, the Modern Language Association of America, the several American associations of teachers of foreign languages, and other professional organizations.
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    Majors, Minors & Concentrations


    American Studies, B.A. - Download Plan of Study | Course Catalog Major Requirements
    , B.A.  
    Spanish, B.A. 
    Spanish, International Business/Modern Language, Interdisciplinary, B.A. 


    American Studies Minor - Course Catalog Major Requirements
    English Minor -  Course Catalog Major Requirements
    Global Cultures and Languages Minor -  Course Catalog Major Requirements
    Italian Studies Minor -  Course Catalog Major Requirements
    Literature Minor -  Course Catalog Major Requirements
    Spanish Minor -  Course Catalog Major Requirements
    Spanish Minor for Health Sciences -  Course Catalog Major Requirements
    Spanish Minor for Law Enforcement -  Course Catalog Major Requirements
    World Languages Minor -  Course Catalog Major Requirements
    Writing Minor -  Course Catalog Major Requirements


    English, Literature Concentration, B.A. - Course Catalog Major Requirements
    English, Media Studies Concentration, B.A. - Course Catalog Major Requirements
    English, Secondary Education Concentration, B.A. - Course Catalog Major Requirements
    English, Secondary Special Education Concentration, B.A. -  Course Catalog Major Requirements
    Spanish, Secondary Education Concentration, B.A. - Course Catalog Major Requirements
    Spanish, Secondary Special Education Concentration, B.A. - Course Catalog Major Requirements


    Literature & Languages students benefit from one-on-one student-teacher mentorship for research and graduate studies. Over 30% of our majors and minors pursue graduate degrees. The department offers a variety of grants, work-study programs, and other types of generous student research support and academic enhancement, immersion trips and study-abroad opportunities and support. The Writing Center offers both excellent writing support as well as opportunities for work and research. The department also encourages students to join student clubs and organizations, offers opportunities to volunteer for community service events, organizes reading series, sponsors the literary journal Tapestries, and endorses other campus-wide publications.

    Literature & Languages faculty teach, specialize, and have an interest in a variety of areas:

    • British and American literature
    • African-American literature
    • women’s studies
    • Shakespearian studies
    • 18th century Irish periodical literature
    • world literature
    • ecofeminism
    • Willa Cather
    • animal rights literature
    • post-colonial studies
    • subaltern studies
    • graphic novels
    • diaspora and migration studies
    • race theory
    • environmental writing and literature 
    • Marxism
    • popular culture
    • vegetarian theory
    • monsters in literature
    • medicine in literature
    • Romance and Latin American literature
    • genre studies (i.e. testimonios)
    • modern American working-class literature
    • Italian cinema
    • the politics of food
    • corporate social responsibility in professional sports
    • Deaf culture
    • medical ASL
    • writing pedagogy
    • writing center administration
    • strategic business communication 


    Visit the academic catalog and scroll to the School of Arts & Letters to view degree requirements.

    Outside the Classroom

    From clubs to campus publications, students have several opportunities to gain real-world experience and add to their resumes. Here are just a few of the offerings for Literature and Language students:

    • RED Radio - Student Radio Station
    • Troubadour - The Troubadour is a bi-weekly student publication of Saint Francis University.
    • ASL Club - The ASL Club is a vibrant student organization who enjoys working with the Deaf community to create awareness of Deaf Culture and American Sign Language! One of the first steps in breaking down walls of oppression or discrimination is to create awareness. Many people have few experiences with a person from the Deaf community and often view deafness as a disability. The Club, with support from the Deaf Community spreads awareness and allows people to realize that Deaf individuals are highly successful just like any hearing person.
    • Literary Club - Many of our majors are active members of the Literary Club, which, in addition to hosting public readings and writing workshops, provides transportation and travel money for off-campus cultural events. Last year, for instance, members of the Literary Club, accompanied by Dr. Kirk Weixel, attended a production of Rent in Pittsburgh.
    • Bell Tower - Saint Francis University Yearbook
    • Environmental Studies Program
    • Peer-reviewed journal, Legacy


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    Literature Program Highlights
    • A record of better than 96 percent employment or grad-school enrollment within three months of graduation.
    • A multi-disciplinary approach that places the study of English, literature and communications in the context of our society by incorporating courses in philosophy, history, sociology and political science.
    • Interactive student/instructor relationships with highly qualified faculty, that enable students to utilize vast practical experience.
    • Independent study programs that allow you to pursue areas of special interest while working closely with a faculty mentor.
    • A focus on ethics, as it pertains to media and society, integrated into all communications classes.
    • A new media lab for print and video editing and design.