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Comm Chair Wins Dissertation Award

August 29, 2018 Tags: Academics , Business and Communications

Kelly Rhodes - Profile ImageDr. Kelly Rhodes, Chair of Communications, was presented the Dissertation of the Year Award from the University of Phoenix at the Knowledge Without Boundaries Conference held on August 17, 2018. Kelly presented her study, Influencing Corporate Social Responsibility Decision Making in a Major League Baseball Team: A Case Study, as part of the conference. A manuscript from the dissertation is currently under review by Sport, Business, and Management: an International Journal for inclusion in its special edition on sport and well being. 

"I arrived at the topic after doing some general research on corporate social responsibility for a paper," said Rhodes. "I have always been interested in the debate over the role of business in society. At the same time, I was teaching a course on sports in literature, so I began to look into the intersection between the two. The project took off from there after some guidance from Donna Menis".

According to the Knowledge Without Boundaries website, "the process for the Dissertation of the Year Award was competitive, with a large number of applications to consider. Reviewers considered contribution to their field, student progress through the dissertation milestones, and rational for nomination from the graduate’s committee chair."

Dr. Rhodes received a glass flame award, a $500 financial award, and the opportunity to present her doctoral research at the 2018 KWB Research Summit. 

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