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Iraq War Vet Demonstrates Prosthetic Devices With OT Students

November 7, 2018 Tags: Health Sciences and Education , University News

Collage of Sgt. Keith Maul's visit and OT students practicing stump wrapping.Sgt. Keith Maul visited the Occupational Therapy department on Monday November 5th to talk with the students about his experience in Iraq.

Ten years ago Keith lost both his right arm and leg in an IED attack, and returned home to Portage, PA as retired from the US Army after 2 years at Walter Reed Medical Center for rehabilitation.

Keith demonstrated use of his prosthetic devices and talked with the students about being the motivators to their future patients in health care. He told the students how he re-learned different self-care activities to adapt to his injury and he also discussed how he has re- engaged in his life activities including caring for his young children and participating in his favorite hobbies of hunting and woodworking.

Keith's lecture with the students was followed by a lab experience for the senior Occupational Therapy students that included prosthetic simulator activities for safety with mobility and the use of residual limb models to learn wrapping techniques that would be utilized after a surgery for amputation. 

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