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Residence Halls

Saint Francis University maintains some 1,280 residential beds in 10 residence halls and 11 apartment style structures. They include singles, doubles, triples, suites, houses and apartments. All of the of 10 residence halls on campus and one off campus housing unit, along with two academic buildings are controlled by a card access system, which are all control by the Saint Francis Police Department and Information Technology Department. All residence hall entrance doors, along with numerous areas on and off campus are monitored by video surveillance, which is overseen and controlled by the University Police Department.

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  • Amici Hall

    Amici HallAmici Hall, completed in the fall of 1955, is located on the South Side of campus with quick access to Torvian Dining Hall.  Amici houses 61 males and three resident assistants.  The majority of rooms are double occupancy although the building has five three-room suites for residents; four on the second floor and one on the first.  The suites are shared by four residents with two rooms as bedrooms and the third as a common room.  The lounge is commonly used for socializing, hall events, and recreational events such as the Superbowl and March Madness.  There is also a study lounge located in Amici with two large table and chairs to accommodate students.  The study room and laundry facilities are located in the lower level of the hall.

  • Ave Maria Hall

    Ave Maria HallAve Maria Hall (1948) is located on the South Side of campus and houses 70 male and female residents.  The main level of Ave Maria has four apartment units which are a part of the Housing Apartment Transition Program (HAPT).  The second and third floors of Ave Maria house residents in single occupancy rooms, with one suite available on each floor. The women are on the second floor and the men on the third.  

    The basement of Ave Maria Hall houses nine Gamma Sigma Sigma sisters, a service sorority, in single, double and triple occupancy rooms.  The lounge in Ave Maria is located in the basement and is equipped with a television  and comfortable seating.  Attached to the lounge is a kitchen complete with a seating area for students.  Across the hall from the kitchen are the laundry facilities. 

  • Christian Hall

    Christian HallChristian Hall opened in the fall of 1998 and is the pride of on-campus living at Saint Francis University.  All rooms in Christian have private bathrooms and air conditioning.  Most rooms are double occupancy, but Christian also features eight 4-person suites. Christian hosts five fully-accessible rooms. Christian houses 150 students and contains an array of meeting rooms, recreation rooms and lounges.  Christian Hall's residents are returning students to Saint Francis University. One wing houses men and the other houses women. 

    In addition to a great overlooking view of Lake Saint Francis, Christian Hall residents enjoy a pool table, a foosball table, a TV lounge, an exercise room, a kitchen and several large public meeting areas. 

  • Giles Hall

    Giles HallBuilt in 1954 and named after Brother Giles Carroll, T.O.R., the first president of Saint Francis College. Giles Halls sits conveniently next to Torvian Dining Hall on the south side of campus.  Giles houses four resident assistants and 70 freshmen males in double occupancy rooms.  Giles is a freshman dorm and the resident assistants are always there to lend a hand or plan programs and activities to embrace their first year experience on campus.

    Giles Hall residents enjoy a lounge with television, a large study room complete with table and chairs for individual studying, a laundry room, and a basketball court. 

  • Saint Agnes Hall

    Saint Agnes HallSaint Agnes Hall is located on the North Side of campus, just across the street from the JFK Student Center. It houses 96 freshman residents, four resident assistants and a Residence Life Coordinator. All rooms are double occupancy.

    Agnes was recently renovated and has a new facade as well as new carpeting and interior. The residents of Saint Agnes enjoy a lounge with television, a book nook, and spacious seating for social events and studying.

  • Saint Clare Hall

    Saint Clare HallLocated on the North Side of campus, Saint Clare Hall houses 98 freshmen female students and four resident assistants in double occupancy rooms. 

    Saint Clare was  recently renovated and has a fresh new look.  The two lounges in Clare contain a large screen TV, microwave oven, and an exercise room.  Clare residents are just across the street from the JFK Student Center and the Library.  

  • Saint Elizabeth Hall

    Saint Elizabeth HallSaint Elizabeth is located on the North Side of campus and houses 147 female students in double occupancy rooms, four resident assistants and the Director or Residence Life.  The first wing of Saint Elizabeth is an intensive study floor.  Elizabeth or "E's" as many people call it is close to the JFK Student Center, the Library, and Stokes Athletic Center.

    In a recent renovation, suites were added to the basement of E's which are a part of HAPT.  There is also a study lounge and a full kitchen and lounge area in the basement of Elizabeth if you wish to whip something up for a midnight snack.  

  • Saint Francis Hall

    Saint Francis HallSaint Francis Hall is the former friary and was renovated for students and completed in the summer of 2007. The building houses first-year male students in double occupancy rooms. The building community is structured like SFU intensive study floor options.  One wing is available for males and another for females. 

    The hall has a modern lounge area that joins with a fully equipped kitchen.  The lounge includes a large TV, plenty of seating, and a couch for lounging and socializing.  In addition to all of this, the students living in Francis are just a short stairwell away from Gubio lounge and the Campus Ministry Center, both located in the basement of the building.  

  • Saint Joan of Arc Hall

    Saint Joan of Arc HallSaint Joan of Arc Hall is located on the North Side of campus and houses 160 female students in double occupancy rooms and six resident assistants.

    Joan has two large lounge areas with comfortable couches and large TVs. Joan is equipped with a kitchen, pool table, and a laundry room located on the bottom floor of the building.  

  • Saint Louis Hall

    Saint Louis HallThe largest residence hall for male students, Saint Louis Hall is named in honor of King Louis IX of France, the patron of the Third Orders of Saint Francis. Louis is located on the South Side of campus and houses 152 men in double occupancy room, four resident assistants,and a Residence Life Coordinator.  All the rooms are equipped with phone service, cable and internet.  The second floor in Louis offers an intensive study hall and is designated for those who either like it quiet or enjoy studying in their rooms. 

    In the lounge, Louis residents may enjoy a large TV, a ping-pong table, a foosball table, a kitchen, study areas and a laundry room.  There is also a workout room located in the basement of Louis as well.  

  • Housing Apartment Transition Program (HATP)

    Saint Francis University owns and or controls 17 apartments or house style structures, which are located just off-campus, in Loretto Borough. The University refers to this program as the Housing Apartment Transition Program (HATP). This program is designed to give upper-class students independent living with University support.