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    F.J. Hartland

    Academy Award-winning actress Joanne Woodward said, “It’s called ‘a play. So let’s play!” 

    Theatre has been a long tradition at Saint Francis. And it’s “hands on” experience. Unlike some schools were you have to be a theater major or wait until you are a sophomore to be involved, you can be part of our theatre from your first day here. Theatre can give you valuable experience for almost any major: education, business, communications, marketing, law—the list is endless. Theatre is about collaboration, so you can learn what it’s like to be part of a team—or to lead one! Theatre requires all kinds of skills, so even if performing isn’t for you, you can still contribute. Best of all, being part of a show is fun!

    So whether you want to be in the spotlight, sew a costume or swing a hammer, be part of theatre at Saint Francis. Come play with us! 

    Theatre Facilities

    JFK Student Center

    Theatre at Saint Francis uses the JFK Student Center as both a classroom and laboratory for those engaged in theater arts. Indeed, many SFU alumni consider this space nothing short of sacred because they spent so much of their college life creating art in this space.

    Theatre Classes

    Saint Francis University offers theatre instruction and a variety of theater classes. Visit the academic catalog and scroll to the School of Arts & Letters and Fine Arts to view the selection of classes.