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Amanda Schiavo Profile

With a passion for politics and a love of writing, Amanda majored in communications and minored in pre-law. Her future plans include attending law school, earning her law degree, and practicing law with efforts of becoming either a judge or a political analyst.

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  • Meet Amanda Schiavo, a passionate writer with a flair for politics

      Schiavo Profile_InText“Politics has been a huge part of my family life,” stated Amanda Schiavo. “Looking back to the Bush/Kerry election, I recall my grandmother constantly watching the news for election poll updates and explaining the election to me while she would babysit me. My family doesn’t abide by the ‘no politics and religion at dinner’ conversational rule. No matter what guests are visiting, politics is the main discussion over our weekly Sunday meal. This environment from a young age fostered a love for politics and the controversial issues that come into question.”

    Expanding this passion for politics to her education, and combining it with her love of writing, Amanda majored in communications and minored in pre-law at Saint Francis University. Graduating with the Class of 2016, she plans to attend law school.  With plans to earn her law degree and practice law with efforts of becoming either a judge or a political analyst, Amanda made the most out of her time at Saint Francis.

    Amanda completed three different internship experiences while working toward her degree. She completed a communications internship with Television Ad Group, interned with Judge Judy Olson, and interned with Fox News at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. Each internship provided a different and unique experience, leaving her with a wealth of diverse knowledge.

    “The opportunities I experienced have provided me with guidance and knowledge that will give me a competitive edge when applying for a career,” shared Amanda.

    In addition to all she was involved in at the University, Amanda was also a member of the volleyball team. Through her involvement and support of the faculty and staff, Amanda admires her collegiate experiences. Proud of the opportunities she was able to experience, the organizations she became involved in, and the relationships she formed while at Saint Francis, she offered the following insight:

    “Choose an educational path that you love; it will not only make the next four years of your life enjoyable, but you will be proud in your career. Form relationships with the Saint Francis University staff and students, the bonds you form will serve as a support as system for the remainder of your life. Lastly, challenge yourself to become the best you can be through each class, course, and organizational involvement.”

    Hear Amanda share memories of her internship at the 2016 Republican National Convention:

  • Interning at the Republican National Convention