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Cross-Cultural Studies in Italy

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    Mary Jean Bujdos
    Italian Language Faculty

    Saint Francis University students have cross- cultural studies opportunities in Parma, Italy for one month during the summer.  The program is offered every other year and the options are numerous!  

    The city of Parma, nestled between Florence and Milano in the Emilia Romagna Region of northern Italy is mostly known for its production of cheese and prosciutto, but also happens to lay claim to a 1000 year-old university (with a medical school), Pasta Barilla (you see it on your store shelves), a newspaper, sports teams, and so much more.

  • Academic Program

    HUM 425 Special Topics: Cross-Cultural Studies

    This course provides students with opportunities for cross-cultural study at countless sites in and around Parma, Italy. Every opportunity is customized to students' interests and career goals. Students will visit cooperate agencies, hospitals, museums, or other appropriate venues for purposes of expanding cultural, social, and/or disciplinary perspectives as related to the global community.

    Students pursuing almost any field of study may be interested in a HUM 425. Past experiences include: nursing students who had the opportunity to visit several hospitals; occupational therapy students who participated in a seminar in Bologna and visited OT patients at the hospital and OT garden; political science students who attended local political gatherings and visited the Senate in Rome; public health students who visited a doctor in the Parma Hospital to learn about the Italian Public Health system.

    Additional opportunities may be arranged (fermentation, biology, neuroscience, journalism, sports management, etc.). 

    *NOTE: Humanities 425 visits are strictly hands-off and are not related to professional-level coursework.

    Requests for other internship opportunities may be made to:
    Mary Jean Bujdos,
    Italian Language Faculty

    Housing & Meals

    Students are housed in a residence hall in Parma. Each room normally accommodates two students and is equipped with a bathroom and kitchen. In addition, a free washing machine and maid service is included. The doors of the residence are locked at all times, and must be accessed with a key.

    All cultural studies sites are easily accessible by bicycle (included in the price of the program) or by bus if preferred.

    Meals (not included in the cost of the program) may be purchased at any of the many cafes in Parma or prepared in the student's own kitchen with local ingredients.


    Excursions are included in the cost of the program and will include visits to castles, cheese factories and Prosciutto factories.

    Students will be provided with a TrenItalia Pass for 6 days of travel anywhere in Italy.  With this pass, students are free to plan their own excursions and have a  completely unique Italian experience every weekend.

    Students may also explore the city easily by pedaling around just like the locals.

    Dates & Costs

    Summer 2020

    The program fee is approximately $3,600 plus tuition. The price is subject to change based on airfares.

    Program fee includes:

    • round trip airfare
    • housing
    • excursions
    • bicycle rental
    • Trenitalia 6 day pass
    • insurance
    • optional cooking lessons


    Requirements / Application

    Interested students, of junior or senior status, must return the completed program application to the Office for Study Abroad (205 Scotus Hall) along with, a copy of their passport (or passport application) and a deposit of $300 made payable to Saint Francis University.

    *Note: Previous health, academic, or disciplinary problems may influence a student's ability to participate in this program.


  • caitlin feltenberget testimonial

    "Experiencing a different culture helped me grow as a person. The experience helped me solidify what I want to accomplish at Saint Francis. I will always treasure the memories made while we were in Italy."

    Caitlin Feltenberger, Occupational Therapy Major