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Study Abroad Requirements

  • At the time of application  students must have a 2.7 GPA for the semester-long program or a 2.5 GPA for any of the short-term programs (anything lower requires approval from the program director). Passing grades (C or better) in key subject areas may also be required.

    Students must have successfully completed at least one semester, and preferably one year, at Saint Francis University before studying abroad.

    Students must demonstrate emotional stability and maturity and indicate the ability to lead a responsible and healthy life abroad as a representative of the U.S. and Saint Francis University.

    Students applying for study abroad must…

    • Complete an application form (see each program page for individual applications).  A copy of the student’s passport must accompany the completed application and be submitted to the Office for Study Abroad, Scotus 205.  The passport must be valid for six months after return to the USA.
    • Read and sign the Withdrawal Policy. The Withdrawal Policy is included on the application form. 
    • Submit the application fee.  A non-refundable application fee (amount listed on application) is due with the application.
    • Read and complete the General Waiver Form. The waiver must be signed AND witnessed (anyone over the age of 18).
    • Give Academic Recommendation Form to advisor or a faculty member.  The completed form is returned to the Office for Study Abroad, Scotus 205.
    • Complete Medical History Form. The Medical History form, completed by student, is submitted to the Student Health Center.  Students make an appointment with the Student Health Center (located in DiSepio / 814-472-3008) to discuss the information on their Medical History form as well as health issues and vaccines related to international travel.
    • Submit a Physicians Release, if applicable.  If  a student has an underlying condition (ex: asthma, heart condition, diabetes, etc.) the Student Health Center will request a Physicians Release form to be signed by the student’s family doctor.

      Acceptance into any study abroad program will be considered once all travel forms are submitted to the Office for Study Abroad and reviewed.  Previous health, academic, or disciplinary problems, may influence the decision.